We have undertaken all manner of agency projects from the acquisition of a small retail unit or office premises through to large industrial warehouses and data centres. Regardless of your needs our principles are the same and that is property is personal and you will receive the attention to detail you deserve from our family business. If your project requires a broad reach of expertise we are in a position to draw on preferred partners to ensure that the service you require is delivered.

Residential Lettings

Primarily you are going to be impressed with our friendly and helpful approach as you’re going to find us a pleasure to work with. What really stands us apart from the rest is:-

a) The right marketing campaign - For us each property we market has an individually tailored marketing campaign, regardless of its rental potential. We use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure internet searches are focused to our client’s properties.

We utilise an array of marketing avenues including independent property websites, local news papers, local property magazines, national magazines (if appropriate), local executive search companies, direct mailing to large companies with transient staff.

Most large lettings organisations just put an advertisement on their website and in the local ‘Property News’, which can hardly be described as a marketing campaign. Our method ensures that marketing is as effective as it possibly can be to uncover your ideal tenant.

b) Rentals – we have achieved significantly higher rental rates than some of our competitors because we know the market and what tenants are prepared to pay. We’ve had directors of other firms ask internally “why can’t we get a rent like that for our clients?”

c) Advice – We know what lets properties and have been doing it for years. Simple alterations to a property such as a lick of paint in the right place or the replacement of a grey carpet can make all the difference. Perhaps your property is not right for the rental market or indeed selling your property to invest elsewhere might be the best advice and our professionalism allows us to give the right advice and not for the sake of an instruction.

d) Quality Tenants – Our Property Management retains quality tenants and our Residential Lettings brings them in. Credit checks are a useful tool however we’ve had a great deal of success with 7 week deposits and indeed significant payments of rent in advance, which separates desirable and less desirable tenants.

e) No hidden charges – We operate a transparent process that allows our clients to pick and choose our services and the marketing expenses they wish. We won’t simply produce a bill for preparing an agreement as an example after the event, which has been known to happen elsewhere.

Commercial Acquisitions

Although the search and acquisition process to secure new or alternative space is not complex there is however the capacity to get things very wrong and cost your business millions very easily and you wouldn’t even know it. Are you quite sure you’ve found every available, suitable option for your business to occupy?

It is far too easy to accept an option that’s ‘almost’ right but this can be an extra cost easily avoided. Similarly the ability to influence the design and layout of a property is greatly reduced the later in the process you get a professional like us involved. We stand out as Tenant Representatives because our approach is different:-

a) End to end integrated solution - Our process is integrated and brings in designers, property advisors and project managers at the earliest opportunity. We are in a position to analyse your occupancy needs through our affiliate designers from day one to clearly understand how your business operates through workplace performance criteria. From this space planning stage we obtain a clear brief from which to go to the market for opportunities.

We can produce concept designs for the preferred options before a lease is even signed to ensure the most functional option is identified. Our project manager who has been on board from the initial meeting assists the designer to ensure a realistic design falls within budget and can seamlessly commence the fitout allowing occupation at the earliest opportunity.

b) Search – We uncover more options because unlike many large organisations we don’t rely on a single individual to remember opportunities in the market.

Our approach brings in an affiliate search organisation that utilises far reaching contacts effectively providing two companies searching for opportunities on your behalf. It is quite unsettling to see even large commercial property advisory firms look over ideal opportunities simply because it doesn’t occur to the junior staff member that’s assigned the task. We only have senior staff members searching for opportunities and that includes our affiliate. Ask us to provide a no obligation search to make sure you know all your available options.

c) Combine local knowledge with global expertise – We have experience in negotiating some of the world’s largest and most complex transactions representing some of the world’s most prestigious companies such as ABN Amro, AIG, Bacardi, Bloomberg, Cadence, Delphi Automotive, Hewitt Associates, HSBC, Maunsell Bassett Aecom, Nortel Telecommunications, Siemens, Thomson Group, Whirlpool; however we also have local market knowledge. Why not have an experienced agent undertake your transaction?

Property Search

As detailed above we offer a comprehensive search service, which draws on the talents of a variety of senior professionals increasing your potential to secure the most appropriate space. On occasion our clients wish us to undertake a search as a one-off instruction, which we are happy to oblige with.

Commercial Disposals

Once again our approach to marketing sets us apart from the competition. There is a vast range of marketing initiatives that are rarely taken advantage of. Although a sign board and advertising in a local property supplement might be essential there are a number of other avenues to consider such as industry journals, independent property search websites and mailing initiatives.

If you are looking to lease your commercial premises simply ask us for our opinion on the marketing campaign and you’ll experience the difference. When it comes to large projects that require a global marketing approach we can assist you in selecting a joint agent to work alongside us. We’ve worked with many and can certainly point you in the right direction.

Residential Acquisitions

This service is not often seen in the market, however we’ve found an increase in demand for assistance in finding the right properties as there are so many places to search and having an experienced and knowledgeable property negotiator on your side for a change can make all the difference. We even work on a purely commission basis if requested so we only benefit by saving you money off the initial offer.