Property Management

We believe that even if you have a single property that requires letting and managing you deserve to have a senior property expert looking after you. Some might regard property as simply an asset but for us it’s personal. Regular communication with the tenant and quarterly inspections is paramount to the process we’ve had in place for many years.

Unlike other service providers our process includes a photographic database, which we find avoids many disputes.

As Chartered Surveyors we have strict codes of conduct, professional indemnity, general regulations including secured client accounts and a command of property law that other property managers’ envy and our clients enjoy. Although we don’t advocate furnished lettings we are more than happy to manage furnished properties if that suits our clients, however do contact us for advice on statutory requirements on products etc..

We are finding a steady increase in demand for rented property as it becomes harder to save up for a deposit to buy, tenancy agreements have become more flexible and transparent, people’s work require them to be mobile and of course there are simply more single people than there has been.

Whether you have commercial or residential interests our focus, like yours, is rental income and cost saving. We achieve this by:-

Tenant Retention

We are approachable property managers where our tenants feel comfortable to ask questions and are encouraged to provide feedback on the properties they rent and the service they receive from us. Information is everything as we investigate any issues with a property and the tenant is central to that. We provide a ‘move in pack’ answering most questions a tenant might have from rubbish collection schedules to what their responsibilities are when vacating.

Repairing Costs

We have established relationships with a broad range of contractors yet we are not tied to use any. This means in an emergency we have a range of contractors that are more than willing to jump in to save the situation. However we are not tied to use any contractors unlike many property managers so each quotation we receive are genuine and as competitive as possible. We take pride in investigating the root of any problems that arise. Where some property managers will repair we investigate and remedy the cause of the problem as a priority reducing overall cost.

Rent Collection

Due to our approachable nature we rarely have issues with regards to rent collection with our tenants; however we do have a tried and tested escalation process that we follow religiously. Although we like to avoid court action wherever possible we do act for our clients in small claims court in order to obtain what is rightfully theirs. This is a service that we offer complimentary when a landlord signs up with us.

Being a boutique family business we are able to tailor our services to our client’s needs, who are in a position to pick which services they’d like us to provide. Perhaps a client might just like us to be at hand to answer questions or make occasional inspections as and when an issue arises. Alternatively they may wish us to simply collect the rent and manage the deposit process with the GATDS (government authorised tenancy deposit scheme).

However if you’re looking for us to just take care of everything we have a full management service that will cover more than you require including liaison with client’s accountants to prepare annual accounts etc.

We like to go above and beyond our client’s expectations and have in the past even compiled a legal case for a landlord client and fought a regulated tenant in court to extract rent arrears without any assistance from a solicitor at no charge to our client. We’re here to help and provide the tailored service you’re looking for.

Asset Management

Through our global corporate real estate experience we have managed large portfolios of properties and our attention to detail and strategy has benefitted our clients tremendously in manipulating rental streams and enhancing asset values.