Rural Land Agency

This is an area of expertise that HW Dean & Son has become famous for. We have had a number of years experience in managing country homes and estates and providing a personal service that encompass all areas of running a household and business from gardening, forestry, farming, open house sales and accounting through to employment contracts, HR, vehicle management, insurance and property maintenance.

Estate Management & Land Agency

Managing a country estate in this day and age requires a broad range of skills, efficiently executed.

Personal Services

Unlike many Land Agents we provide personal services alongside our Estate Management covering all elements of our client’s needs. The role that we fulfil was always described by HW Dean himself as that of an "Homme d’affaires". Effectively being more than a property advisor but a man taking care of a broad range of the client's affairs.

Farm Management

Our approach to farm management is to know that farming is a very specialist industry and our role as Land Agent is to assist the Farm Manager with the provision of farming information and the completion of IACS forms etc.. We are however not Farm Managers.


This again is a very specialist area and so we adopt a ‘best in class’ approach and instruct reputable Foresters on behalf of our clients to undertake woodland management.